Do not need to expect Black Friday

Do not need to expect Black Friday
Today you do not need to expect Black Friday to catch the sale at a fabulously low price, all noteworthy Internet promotions are collected on a new and convenient online platform. Here you can immediately find the right thing, notice the best deals and order quality goods with discounts with delivery. For you, saving is an urgent necessity, because the cost of many everyday and necessary things is high. Every practical owner is happy to use the cash back system.

This amount is paid exactly by the store in which the order took place, the action applies to absolutely every purchase. All online stocks cover the world leaders in the field of production, the list includes more than 150 companies, including Jaguar, Toyota, Bosch, Electrolux, Brother, Siemens and other international brands.

The site of super discounts is a way to buy the right things with double winnings (low price for the purchase itself and Cash back). Warranty obligations from the manufacturer are retained in full. Under the guarantee, you can not only repair, but also exchange equipment, if less than 2 weeks have passed since the registration through the discount site. 14 days are given so that you can thoroughly test your purchase and make sure that it works perfectly. With the modern organization of production, the percentage of factory defects decreases every year, and people remain completely satisfied.
Promotions in online stores and other cities of the country cover the following categories:

    seasonal shoes and clothes;
    a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes, underwear and household trifles;
    necessary accessories for the repair of an apartment and a country house;
    any spare parts for cars and car washes;
    garden and technical equipment;
    plumbing equipment;
    and much more, including gift vouchers from partners.

Buying items at sales is profitable, so the store is in constant demand. As you know, in this case you can buy a wonderful branded product, the discount on which is quite substantial. Usually, it is from thirty to fifty percent. Fashionistas, shopping lovers, novelty lovers will never miss the opportunity to go on sale. In addition, every modern buyer is rational, so no one likes to throw money away. Many people constantly get the right things at sales, waiting for the appropriate time of year. But, online sales are different in that in many stores they always operate, and therefore you can buy very cheap high-quality fashionable thing.


9.5 kW Electric Showers

A 9.5 kW electric shower is the ideal choice for a shower that offers both affordability and an excellent showering experience every day. A 9.5 kW electric shower uses less electricity than a higher wattage shower, such as the 10.5 kw electric shower range. yet it is powerful enough to heat water quickly allowing a high flow of water, and will be more powerful than our range of 8.5 kW electric showers .
Gainsborough 9.5 kW electric showers provide excellent value for money and will continue to save you money throughout their lifespan by heating only the water you require.


Galaxy Aqua 3000 Electric Shower 8.5kw white/chrome 021106 UK

All Galaxy showers carry a 2 year product guarantee with optional low cost 3-5 year extended warranty
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02nd Aug 2014 Via Feefo
Website easy to use, kept fully informed of our order, and delivered really quick. Great service
* * * * Customer satisfaction
By J Ridgway on 05th Jan 2014
Being an engineer fitting these for my customers it is important that they are satisfied. I always get good feed back from them about the Galaxy showers. My feed back to Alert is, Great product, price, supply and service. That's got to be top marks. Thanks


Electric shower head heaters

Constant hot water, constant savings

I lived in Costa Rica for a year, and while travelling there I discovered the electric shower head, a great way to save energy on hot water. If you live in North America you have probably not heard of these marvelous inventions, unless you live in a mobile home, or are at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. What are they?
An electric shower head heats ambient-temperature water to a comfortable shower temperature as it is coming out the shower head. This means you don't need to keep a tank of water hot just so you can take a shower. Or, if you live in a cooler climate, you don't have to keep your water as hot for other uses.
A comfortable shower temperature is usually slightly warmer than body temperature - about 38 to 42C, or 100 to 108F. If you're a devoted energy conserver, there aren't a lot of other household hot water uses that require that hot a temperature. In fact you can do pretty much everything else in cold water, including laundry, dishes, filling the mop bucket, even running your automatic dishwasher (which, if ENERGY STAR rated, has its own built-in heater, although not all of them can handle starting from cold water). The only exception would be a bath, but if you can live without the occasional hot bath, you can cut your hot water bill to almost zero with an electric shower water heater.


Instantaneous Electric Showers are still one of the most popular types of shower sold in the UK today. Which is why Triton manufactures an extensive range to suit all tastes and budgets.
An electric shower simply connects to a cold water supply and your mains electric, so it's versatile enough to suit any home no matter what your plumbing system.
They are easy to install and they give you and your family instant hot water - any time, day or night.
So, what are the electrical requirements you need to know before you can choose an electric shower?
First of, all electric showers need to connect to your mains electric supply.
More to the point, it must have its own dedicated supply from your consumer unit.
It must not be connected to a ring main, spur, socket outlet, lighting circuit or cooker circuit.
The important thing is to ensure that the electric supply is adequate for the shower and existing circuits.
Check that your consumer unit has a main switch rating of 80A or above and that it has a spare fuse way to take the fuse or Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for the shower.
The correct rating of MCB or fuse will depend on the kilowatt rating of the shower that is to be fitted. For more information on kW ratings take a look at our "What is a kW rating?" video.
If your consumer unit has a rating below 80A, or if there is no spare fuse way, then the installation will not be straightforward.


The BEAB Approved Mark is an electrical safety mark. It demonstrates to everyone in the supply chain that the UK's leading, independent approvals specialists have evaluated a product to the highest European and International standards. Backed by the expert knowledge of the approvals engineers, the BEAB Approved Mark can provide a robust defence in law against a product liability claim. Enlarge Photo Download photo BEAB Care Mark
The BEAB CARE Mark has been developed in recognition of the additional performance requirements of certain products within the care industry. It is available for products which have already complied with the appropriate electrical safety standard, and in addition have been tested against an exacting special test schedule developed to measure specific performance issues relating to its application in the care sector. Enlarge Photo Download photo WRAS


Wiring an Electric Shower - Electric and Power Sower Installation

Safety is paramount when dealing with any form of DIY, but never more so than when dealing with electricity. If you are unsure about anything, or not confident you can complete the job safely, always consult a Professional Electrician, to not do so could be risking your life and that of your family. Regulations now insist that all domestic DIY electrical work is checked by a qualified electrician and a minor works certificate issued. Failure to do this could render your house insurance invalid and make selling your home very difficult.
All the advice contained here is in accordance with BS7671: 2002 The IEE Wiring Regulations, and if followed will ensure a safe installation that will last many years.